Reveal True Nature of Space
Creativity From Mutual Understanding
In Tokyo, USA and New Zealand
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We don’t seek master piece. We create for you a richer life experience.
Love to hear your voice and offer our advices.
We don’t just hand over you a space. It’s your stories.

We believe that space closely relates to relations among people. Space with people in it creates lifestyle. Creativity that incorporates environment becomes innovation. Innovation and lifestyle are the source of our design, and we incorporate them with natural landscape to express living space that gives you unique life experiences.
Our works can be found in Taipei, Shanghai, Tokyo, California and New Zealand. We look forward to sharing a unique design journey with owners, and desire to reimage a brand new lifestyle for them.


No standardized design development process. Each project has its unique way of developing idea and insight.


Thoughts and needs from owners are well respected and evaluated.


Explore innovative ideas to break old pattern.


Integrate owner's need to develop holistic design concept and execution plan.


Pay attention to material detail and optimum construction process.


We work effectively with remote and international teams no matter where the site is.

We’ve helped many owners creating their own stories of new lifestyle, and we look forward to working with you to come up ones you desire.

Whose lifestyle story do you wish to read today?







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No matter how you like to reimagine your space, we love to hear your aspirations and needs!
Write us a message and a new life experience will come.

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